Charity Fun Run 2013


Well, we had a fantastic time on our charity run! The weather was on our side as we set off nice and early, with two Bays and a Fiat Camper that was pretending to be a VW! We put our banners and stickers on the vans, we filled up for the final time, put tape on the fuel caps and signed them. Then we were on our way!

We set off at a steady regular pace, heading south through Cheshire on the A49, a supply of CDs to hand! We went through some beautiful countryside, much better than the dull motorway journeys most of us are used to.

We decided to stop at a a petrol station to refuel ourselves, and were treated to a huge biker gang roaring past. So refreshed we set off again!

We went through Bristol, which caused a few hairy moments as we got a bit separated and the big Fiat Motorhome struggled some of the smaller streets.

We managed to negotiate Bristol and decided we needed another stop to recover from the trauma! We found a lovely pub that did a fab steak baguette and ice cold drinks!

So once again we set off, with about half a tank of fuel left. We had no mechanical problems, we checked our oil regulary so there wasnt much more we could do!

We went through some beautiful countryside again, the south of England is a truly gorgeous place.

Final Stretch

Then we were on the final stretch! Despite driving as economically as possible and coasting down the hills, Lynne in her yellow Bay ran out of fuel 9 miles from the finish line on the dual carriageway. So while Lynne pulled over to refuel we carried on, doing the same coasting and praying!

So we got to Torquay, but the challenge was to get to the seafront. But, every single traffic light was on red! Coasting everywhere we could see the sea! We negotiated all the tourist traffic, got to the seafront, turned left and made it!!

We waited for Lynne and family to catch us up before we got some pictures, then it was time to make our way to the campsite for the weekend. When booking the campsite though, we didnt realise that it was on a vertical hill! First gear all the way up to the top field, Everest had nothing on this campsite! The views were stunning though, we could see for miles, all the coastline and the sea. So we set up camp, got the bbq going and had a well earned beer!

We would like to thank everyone who sponsored us on our charity run, we raised £377 in total, all of which will go to the North West Air Ambulance. We would like to thank Lynne and her family for joining us, and everyone who helped to organise the run. We are going to do another charity event next year, we havent decided what we are going to do yet, so if anyone has any ideas then they will be much appreciated!