New Premises

We've finally moved to our new premises. There's loads of sorting out to do in the next few weeks. But it's going to be really exciting. We will have loads more space and a much nicer space to work in. We are planning on having an open day in the coming weeks. I will keep you posted on this. Our new address is.

Unit 63
Brindley Road
Astmoor Industrial Estate

Your welcome to pop by and see how we are getting on.


We have a policy of paying strict attention to corrosion protection. ALL of the rust is cut away to slow down the return of rust. This is then protected on the inside as well as the out to ensure the job will last a long time. No short cuts are taken.


As a result our estimates for labour maybe higher than some. But we pride ourselves in doing the best for your classic VW.


We only carry out quality repairs. Our welding is done to a high standard. We ensure that our work will last.